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If you race Supermoto in the United States or Canada, you know your selection of premium slick racing tires is limited.

This is due to the lack of options available for the 16.5-inch front tires that many of the Supermoto race bikes arrive with, including the popular KTM 450 SMR and Husqvarna FS 450.

Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires has listened to the requests. Due to popular demand among multiple stateside and Canadian Supermoto riders, Bridgestone will reintroduce its popular BM01 and R02 Supermoto tires.

There’s a reason the KTM 450 SMR and Husqvarna FS 450 arrived from the factory with the BM01 and R02 supermoto race tires. These tires offer excellent braking and steering response due to their balanced lateral and linear grip—two things racers need to win.

These non-DOT racing slicks are available in the following sizes:

●      BM01 BATTLAX SUPERMOTO: 125/600R16.5  

●      R02 RACING BATTLAX: 165/630R17  

To cater to a racer’s feel and track conditions, the 17-inch RO2 rear tires are available in two compounds: soft (YCX compound) or medium (YCY compound).

If you’re racing on 17-inch wheels in the front and rear, Bridgestone offers non-DOT W01 RAIN RACE tires and the popular RACING R11 in 17-inch wheel Supermoto fitments. 

For DOT street-legal Supermoto with 17-inch front and rear sizes, the S22 and AX41S tires are popular choices. 


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